Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Andrew von Eschenbach, Senior Advisor, Greenleaf Health

Tight lips, controlled gaze. This is the well-practised smile he's been using since prom night in 1968 when it successfully charmed the pretty pink panties right off Jessica L. Hamilton in the back of her dad's work truck. She hadn't even been drinking. She just let him. She was, in fact, extremely keen and had been hoping it was going to happen all evening.

The American flag lapel badge is there to reassure people that although he has a suspiciously foreign name that makes it sound like his family may have sought asylum in America after WWII and sold Hitler's business/man management secrets to the highest bidder in return for immunity from prosecution, he can in fact be trusted.

He would look bloody great in a Nazi uniform, though.

Mr von Eschenbach is the most powerful executive we've featured so far, thanks to his role with the FDA. His face is a bit lumpier when he's photographed while talking, plus he's not afraid to do experimental stairwell photoshoots with up-and-coming young executive photographers.

It's a good job we Googled this one before publishing it.

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