Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rich Corrado, Chief Commercial Officer of ATSG, and President of Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc.

Has anyone got this at a higher resolution? Our Rich Corrado collectible sticker only came at 423 x 564. That can't be right. That can't be the best ATSG can manage in the year 2010. Surely someone's got a phone with a better camera on it than this?

Ask one of the youngsters, they'll all have at least 5megapixels going spare in their pockets right now. The rest of the ATSG management got a much better deal.

Nice halo-like effect, though. Just don't let it go to your head and start comparing yourself to Jesus, Rich. No one's ever come out well from doing that.


GigerPunk said...

Jesus and Tom Selleck's lovechild, surely?

Anonymous said...

Rich Scirocco?

Rock City said...

It's John Moschitta.

See link:

Make sure volume is up when you watch the YouTube.

That's either him, or his cousin.

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