Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mark Terry, President of Audio, Video and Control Group, Linear

You can tell he's never had to make anyone redundant thus far in his career. Smiles can never go this wide after you've had to lay off two-thirds of a very talented team, plus it becomes impossible to make such strong eye contact with a camera when you've had to tell a teary-eyed man that he won't be able to afford the repayments on his car from now on.

Enjoy the carefree, tie-less feeling while it lasts, Mark.

Needs to borrow the wife's straightening tongs, otherwise - CLEAN.


GigerPunk said...

Plain black "That'll do" suit, no tie, heavily unbuttoned shirt = don't think he's used to being indoors in an office so much, he's normally one of those rough and ready, rugged outdoors types, carved from a solid block of PURE MAN.
They'll be using him to advertise Old Spice next.

Although, going by the slight gingeriness of the hair, maybe those freckles on his forehead and the redness of his skin is because someone changed the bulb in his office from a 40 watt to a 60 watt?

Still, either way. Grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

A modern day Henry VIII.

Anonymous said...

Nice shirt !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He ultimately got a taste of his own medicine. I wonder if he was treated better than he prefers to treat others..

Anonymous said...

2010 - 2012 NORTEK INC. - (NASDAQ:NTK) Mark Terry President, The AVC GroupLed a successful restructuring and turnaround of four business units in the residential AV/Home Automation market.
Lmao Really??? Where is the AVC Group today?
Shut down, everyone layed off, millions wasted in combining companies and moving employees, and the reputations of the companies ruined . what self serving crap . Ego much?

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