Friday, 16 April 2010

DOUBLE TEAM: Steve Harris, Executive Vice President, Cascade Microtech, Inc., and Frank Averdung, President & CEO, Süss MicroTec AG

The rules of this game are you squeeze TIGHTER AND TIGHTER until one of you has to say "My product is inferior" and sign a statement to that effect.

The one on the right's fighting to suppress a pained grimace. If anyone's still taking bets this late in the game, stick £10 on Harris to close this one out within the next 30 seconds.


Sponge Finge said...


GigerPunk said...

Look how white Frank's fingers are - he's trying as hard as he can against Steve 'Crusher' Harris but there's no way Steve's going to stop now. Frank's face has given away how much pain he's in and Steve's just going to keep the pressure going now until he cracks.

Steve's tactics of plain old fashioned no-nonsense non-stop crushing power seems to have worked well against Frank. Last time he tried it against a more flexible opponent he ended up losing his favourite Parker pen (hence Bic Biro he's sporting in his breast pocket) and gained the black eye he's hoping has now faded enough that people won't notice.

Interesting how neither of them know how to do up the top buttons on their jackets, unless maybe they came undone during the wrestling round?

Anonymous said...

Imagine being called Averdung...

Krieger said...

just struck a deal to wife swap ....

Krieger said...

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