Tuesday, 13 April 2010

David E. Higgins, Business Development Manager, Salin Loan Center

Knew he was having his photo taken, so washed his hair this morning. Shaved a mere three hours before the image was captured, so this must've been a morning shoot. Can't identify breakfast as he brushed too thoroughly.

Looks too much like Ricky Gervais for comfort, so may be about to say something offensive about a disabled person while the disabled person in question - or a family member of the disabled person - is listening, thereby creating a 'cringeworthy' moment that some may mistake for comedy.


GigerPunk said...

Garish coloured tie.
Paper-thin buttoned-down, collar.
Hair in no particular style.
Ruddy faced.
My initial impressions say to me he's actually an Australian, possibly a rugby player (especially with that tie), rather than a 'merkin from the 'Hoosier state'. Can anyone confirm?

Graham Mumford said...

ARGH! Something horrible has dropped on your head Dave!

Anonymous said...

There's more than a hint of Eddie Large about this chap too.

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