Friday, 9 April 2010

Brian Stokes, Associate Professor, Information Technology, Peirce College

You're in the business world now, Brian. Take the earring out and let the hole heal over. There's always going to be a little scar on the lobe hinting at your dark, secret past, and the sort of bars you used to hang out in, and the sort of cocktails you used to drink, and the sort of sofas you used to wake up on the next morning with your trousers nowhere to be seen, but if you keep your right side angled toward the person you're speaking too you might get away with it.

And wear a normal shirt. Being in the IT department isn't an excuse.


Anonymous said...

The Shirt.
The Shirt.

yoyo said...

Shit! It's Toadfish Rebecchi from the future! We can't ever let the Toadfishes meet or it will surely be the end of everything.

Anonymous said...

Surely it's an ironic earring though? You know, being an Ass. Prof at 'Peirce' college and all..

ahh, it was funnier in my head... :(

Trilby said...

Let's hope Peirce college doesn't teach English. Or fashion.

Anonymous said...

I bet he's considerably fatter than the photo is letting on, the fat bouncy bastard.

David said...


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