Thursday, 28 January 2010

Jeff Banker, Executive Vice President, Real-Time Market Data and Trading Solutions, Interactive Data Corporation

Jeff mountain-biked it into the office today, on his £900 Marin Hardtail. He used the shower, but is still sweating a bit. He won't properly cool down until lunch time.

And the helmet ruined his hair.

That's a very limp collar arrangement. Needs tightening. Want to reach into the screen and tighten it for him, then give his hair a good ruffle - it's like he's actually trying to emphasise his thinning top with that style.

Is there money to be made in running an executive appearance consultancy?


GigerPunk said...

Is there money to be made in running an executive appearance consultancy?
Surely you sould be telling us that, that's what this place effectively is, isn't it?
We look at people and say why they look funny and sometimes people who purport to know these people complain.
I bet Gok Wan/Trinny & Susannah don't have to put up with that kind of shit from the 'friends' of the people they 'help'

The CEO said...

Gok Wan/Trinny & Susannah spend their days telling frumpy fat women they've got nice calves. If I just said everyone had "killer pins" they'd all be much happier.

I bet Jeff does have great calves, though.

GigerPunk said...

Go on, squeeze Daniel P. McGahn's tits and berate him for not buying a better bra, I dare you.

Don't try it with Janice A. Nearen-Bell though. But then I probably didn't need to tell you that.

No Name said...

Has anyone else precisely counted the number of freckles on his face, and used that figure to estimate the total freckle coverage on his body as a percentage of skin surface area?

I have, and I can tell you it isn't pretty.

PC London said...

That is indeed the stare of a man who is a bit woozy from too much physical exertion all right.

The CEO, you're becoming great at this.

Anonymous said...

I think JB is hot and you are a bunch of jealous idiots!!

Anonymous said...

hey, this is the best photo of the lot.

this guy knows where to find the watering hole.

Great photo - probably the first new & clean shirt he's worn for a while.

All in all, A + foto.

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