Monday, 25 January 2010

Daniel M. Moloney, President, Home & Networks Mobility business, Motorola, Inc.

Textbook. Cover of the textbook. Also author of the textbook, and contributed his own foreword to the textbook. Also distributed the textbook using his own car, and didn't even claim for the mileage.

Would like to be this one for one heady evening of cruising bars in Seattle, just to see what it's like.

Best one we've found for a long time. Who thinks to match their shirt and tie to the background? Only the very CREAM.


Dick Socrates said...

Steve Carell is THE EXEC.

Troublingly, it isn't possible to tell if it's going to be a raucous slapstick comedy or an intense drama about repressed homosexuality.

Best to use metacritic to be on the safe side. Don't really want those issues to flare up again while in the cinema with your girlfriend/wife.

Kahlilia said...

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