Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Al Nederhood, President, American Career College

Oh no. No, no, no. When we get ones like this it makes us want to stop trawling business-related press sites late at night while high on coffee and bourbon biscuits. Because for every sensational Thompson Mahogany or Charles there are literally 500 bloody Al Nederhoods to to filter out.

Al, you and your staid glasses/goatee ensemble are the CHAFF of the executive photography world. We've only put you on here because you remind us of someone famous... probably Paul O'Grady.


GigerPunk said...

Paul O'Grady crossed with Anthony Worral Thompson, you mean?
Maybe a smidge of Noel Edmonds too?

Grk! said...

He's nicer than those three, easily.

Anonymous said...

He is a total putz. If you think this scumbag is nice, I've really got to wonder about you.

He has no ethics or integrity whatsoever. He'll smile to your face and stab you in the back, when you're not looking.

Why his wife settled for this little weasel, I have no idea. She must be a loser, too. Well, he probably makes enough that she doesn't have to work. In other words, the "oldest profession", except that she (supposedly) has one customer...Al.

The CEO said...

Nice punchline!

Anonymous said...

Al Nederhood is a person of integrity, honesty and character. I've known him for years and have found him to be an excellent example by doing the right thing. It seems that the earlier anonymous writer has so little integrity that he must attack his wife. That low type of attack gives you the best insight into the previous writer's lack of integrity and petty meanness.

GigerPunk said...

I still think all anonymous commenters are the same person and are highly schizophrenic.
These comments do nothing to dissuade me from this theory.

In fact, you could take it further and believe all the anonymous comments are actually from Al Nederhood himself in varying levels of inebriation/intoxication/medication.

The next comment from 'Anonymous' should be absolutely barmy.

not anonymous said...

Hey now wait a second, I am Anonymous and am anything but barmy.

OK, am I less anonymous if I show you a candid photo in younger days ???

About Al's photo, best thing is that his glasses are clean. No use getting an exec photo if you can't see through the grime. Good for him, lots of Windex seemed to have done the job.

Viagra Online said...

Funny post this one, if you look closely, you can see that beneath that look is a gentleman who is willing to do anything for the one he

Anonymous said...

He was the best at ACC.....still wonder why he resigned from one day to another....hmmm makes me wonder what happened ???? he was genuine n honest! Would pull out your chair in a meeting not thinking he was the big boss or anything, greeted you the right way n always known of doing the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Just another kiss ass to be in the Al harassment club. No integrity, dirt bag, sexist pig, and still getting away with the unthinkable at UEI College Ontario. Threatens staff he will SMASH them if they get in his way.

Anonymous said...

If you think he has ONE he loves think again.

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