Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tom Robinson, Vice President and COO, Harveys Supermarkets

Face like a composite image of the ideal businessman. He has been designed by COMPUTER to most resemble the man on the end of the telephone when you phone BT and ask to be put through to a manager.

How can he possibly have such a ginger moustache? His hair doesn't look ginger in the slightest. Did anyone know Tom as a teen? We would like to assemble a time-lapse movie of his ageing process. Something dramatic must've happened to him to set his hair and 'tache off on such different development timelines.


Sponge Finge said...

Whatever your hair colour, your facial hair will have at least a tint of ginger. I believe this is a universal law.

Anonymous said...

True, except this is no 'tint', it's completely ginger.

Anonymous said...

The professional hair tint is what does it. The grey is growing through. He's a badger!

yoyo said...

I've got it! He's a slimmed down (younger?) Dr Robotnik with more hair. It's the ginger 'tache. I knew he looked familiar. Or Teddy Roosevelt, but since Robotnik is based on T.R. I would have thought that was obvious.

Who's betting Harveys supermarkets is just a front for his real aim of creating robot / animal hybrid machines? Badniks is what he'll call them, I imagine.

WV = rappi. No, that's in a different game, stupid WV.

Hawkeye said...

Oh, dear writer, you so frequently crack my shit up.

marko said...

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