Friday, 27 November 2009

Chris Foster, Business Development Executive, Information Security Solutions, Raytheon

He's attempting a cheeky smile!

Or the right-hand side of his body is partially paralysed, in which case we apologise to Chris, his family and the friends who so selflessly helped him through "the problem".

This is what he might've looked like before.


GigerPunk said...

Jason Manford's Dad?
(Do they call them Dads 'Oop North'? Or is it stuff like Pa, Old man or Big man?)
Or alternatively related to that bloke in the Post Office ads. Either way, definitely looks more northern than from Massachusetts.

Rock City said...

Whoever painted the brown wall background did lousy work. Get a new paintbrush or something. Splotchy and borrrrrrrrrrrrring.

A slant of sun on dull brown walls,
A forgotten sky of bashful blue.

Toward God a mighty hymn,
A song of collisions and cries,
Rumbling wheels, hoof-beats, bells,
Welcomes, farewells, love-calls, final moans,
Voices of joy, idiocy, warning, despair,
The unknown appeals of brutes,
The chanting of flowers,
The screams of cut trees,
The senseless babble of hens and wise men --
A cluttered incoherency that says at the stars:
"O God, save us!"

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