Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bob Heller, J.D., LL.M, Principal, Clark Nuber

POSSIBLE NEW FAVOURITE! Looks like he's made out of foam. He's a punchable stress relieving mascot for the recently redundant. This year's HOT Christmas toy - Squidgy Bob Heller.

Squidgy Bob comes with three preset phrases - "I'm sorry we're going to have to let you go", "The budget just isn't there" and "This came from higher up".

Wonder how he chipped that tooth? Was it (a) snowboarding at the weekend, or (b) fainting after getting out of the bath a bit too quickly?


GigerPunk said...

Does he shave his eyebrows?
Or were they completely shaved off by his mates the same night he chipped his tooth?
Stag night gone wrong? 'Accidentally' killed a prossie? Bit of a wild man, obviously.

Gotta be the worst button-down collar I've seen yet - the shape of the collar and the way the shirt's crumpled and pulled up it looks like he's tried to button the collar to the main shirt buttons. Whilst still hungover no doubt.

So, a violent alcoholic, incapable of dressing himself properly, who kills prostitutes.
How long before lawyers ask for this one to be removed?

zen said...

He stole that blazer from a hospital janitor when he was in for the tooth.

Hawkeye said...

He has one of those noses that is probably a lot longer than it looks. I request a side profile shot of Mr. Heller imMEDiately.

Trilby said...

When Pixar Characters Get Promoted

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