Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pieter Nota, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips

Leslie Phillips 2.0.

The above reference won't work for international readers.


Toby said...

We're charging our battery.
And now we're full of energy.

Philippe said...

Madame Tussaud's husband?

Andrew said...

Ding dong!

phorenzik said...

He looks like an action figure of himself.

JohnnyTruant said...

good depth of field effects. Or maybe he's miles wide.

Clark said...

I mean really. Where do these guys with their pompous "exec" photos get off. This one looks like Hollywood or something, like he thinks he is cool big money, Mr. Capitalist Manager of the World or something.

This is a great parady website. It brings these elitist attempt exec photos to true light of what they really are - slick marketing of elitists who think they are princes or something.

Ha ha ha.

GigerPunk said...

CGI's getting more and more convincing every day, isn't it?
And yet, still not quite there yet.
Definitely "Uncanny Valley".
Anyone care to edit the wiki page to include this example?

Message said...

Looks like a Wall Street bankster, elitist, - the ones that destroyed and plundered the economy for quick personal financial gain, then received bailouts from the central bank money cartels.

Mr Moth said...

Yeah! Fight the power! The people united can never be divided! We're all in this together!

Anonymous said...

INCORRECT, MR MOTH. The elitists who robbed the system are in it only for their own clan. Not together as you say.

Mr Moth said...


Anonymous said...

He looks plastic, does he have teeth?

Anonymous said...

if it gets too hot in his office, the wax starts to melt.

icky mess.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is m m m max head room here!

Anonymous said...





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