Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Thomas F. Lagatta, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Broadcom

We went to the Broadcom press site for WORK PURPOSES and, as usual, couldn't help but hopefully browse to the Executive Photo Library in case there was anything useful up there of a sufficient resolution for misappropriating on this secondary hobbyist niche blog.

And there was.

Glad we checked. Nearly didn't, as the home internet's a bit slow at the moment. It was fate, Tom. Fate brought us together.


Sponge Finge said...

This Movember's winner, I think.

Anonymous said...

Might just take Dacemmer's winnings too.

GigerPunk said...

That is a truly disturbing tie. The more I look at it the more the pattern twists and turns in my minds eye into part-formed images of unspeakable and uninmaginable horrors.
Who the hell made it, Cthullhu?

AWESOM-O said...

Your blog has made me seriously consider whether keeping my 'tache may progress my career in money money.

Anonymous said...

well my opinion is that the mustache is a hindrance. Shave da stash.

Giger's comments about the tie are spot on.
These crazy kalidascope ties have been around a few years, and proliferating. No longer stylish - and have become quite annoying.

Xtreme English said...

GAH....he looks like one of my (former) sons-in-law

Anonymous said...

Why are his ears completely flattened at the sides?

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