Thursday, 16 December 2010

READER SUBMISSION: B. Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft

This one messes with your perception of the male form. You expect there to be no hair, than all of a sudden there's LOADS OF HAIR, then it goes back to expecting there's no hair again all the way down.

Definitely no more hair on Mr Turner between lip and toes. It's all chemically and mechanically removed once a month. Bet he even puts his trimmings in the bin, rather than wedging them down the plug hole, too.

"The lack of tie is excused - this is the casual option from Microsoft's
selection of B. Kevin Turner images
. Wonder if his office nickname is 'B' or 'Kev'?" - Alex.


Sponge Finge said...

Fact: The lower half of his face weighs more than his entire body.

Fact: He's not wearing his tie because it's currently in use, binding his ankles together.

Anonymous said...

Redheads: freaks between the sheets. (In a good way.) Yum.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Turner has a fraud employee possible an IT tech named Mike who works at the Bellevue Store. Watch out he will network your PC and take over your PC. I am getting his BING windows cookies by the 100's.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Turner of Microsoft is widely known for cheating on his wife and engaging in S&M bondage...

He should be in Prison

Anonymous said...

Kevin's office nickname is Katey. This is the last leftover from her pre-transgender period, although she now cleverly writes it as K.T.

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