Saturday, 20 November 2010

Varel Freeman, First Vice President, European Bank

Suit matched to hair. Literal interpretation of the white collar worker. Great moustache. Glasses. Bad tie. Skin that was last exposed to sunlight on the Sunday afternoon prior to starting the job in April of 1991.

And if we're not very much mistaken...

...a sneaky bowl of his daughter's Coco Pops for breakfast.


GigerPunk said...

Shirt/Tie combo I can't stand but the suit...well, I don't think even Max Headroom had such a crisp smooth suit. Not sure I like the pattern but it looks impeccably pressed and maintained, got to give him that. You could probably cut yourself on those lapels.

However...I just can't help but keep thinking he's trying to eat his moustache.
I mean, he obviously uses 'product' in his hair (check out the parting), but he really needs to use some in his 'tache too if he's going to grow it to that length. Needs to either be trained sideways or trimmed shorter. Shouldn't obscure upper lip either way.
Here endeth the lecture.

Anonymous said...

something's just not right about the whole "look" - clothing does not match his persona.

Anonymous said...

The tie seems to suggest he has a sense of humour... well, at least a 'sense of humour'. A banker with head-in-the-sand ostriches is very very worrying.

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