Monday, 16 August 2010

Sexy Executives is pleased to appoint Ray Ratto as new Non-Executive Director of Sports

Ray Ratto is not an executive. He is a sports writer. So we've hired him, without his permission or knowledge, to be the new Sexy Executives Non-Executive Director of Sports.

Now Ray is an executive. Welcome aboard, Ray! So here he is:

Ray, it's just not working out. You're fired.


Hrrumph said...

Needs a tie. Needs a shirt with a neck wide enough neck to allow the top button to be fastened. Nice, preppy jumper though

Stallone said...

Finally, a real person. Instead of all the phony balonies in their Sunday best.

Rock on Ray, u da man.

Anonymous said...

Oh God I hope that jumper isn't sleeveless.

Also one ear?

q said...

Unfair usage of a sports reporter as subject matter. Its commonly known that reporters are habitually compromised in haberdashery.

That said, the photo crop probably covered up a mustard splotch on his cableknit jumper.

Jukka I. said...

I've been following this blog for couple of months now and suddenly there's two lastnames in a row that means something in finnish (John Harju; harju = esker) and this guy right here Ray Ratto. I especially like his lastname because you could translate it as "pleasure" or maybe "pastime" etc... 'Pleasure' combined with Rays's face is too much for me to handle.

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