Friday, 13 August 2010

Mark K. Olson, Chief Financial Officer, Pacific Capital Bancorp

We've TORN APART the rule book** to accommodate Mark. This image is only a poor quality 450 x 563 file, well below our usual mandatory minimum executive photograph resolution standards, but there's something about the eyes...

The eyes... the eyes... the eyes...

*Signs over all money and deeds of house to Pacific Capital Bancorp*

**It was only a photocopy of a small number of pages for dramatic effect.


JohnnyTruant said...

There's something predatory here, like a vampire, especially around the teeth. The eyes try to hold your attention away from them but you'll keep being drawn back to the teeth.

And what's with that collar?

Hrrumph said...

I thought this blog was dead. That Noddelmog image will forever be burned into my retinas. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...


Electric Buzz said...

Wow - looks like the photographer blasted him with Giga-electrons, or plugged him directy into the 220V circuit. Spiked hair frizzed, and all electric eyes.

Shades would help viewers tone it down.

Anonymous said...


Sponge Finge said...

Mrs Finge's comment was 'aah, he looks nice and fluffy.'

I think she would.

Anonymous said...

He is going for the 'caffienated' Nick Cage look - enthusiasm via a rolled up 20. "Let's get this meeting STARTED!"

Bill said...

View to see how PCB handles SBA loans

Anonymous said...

Holy crap - its Chevy Chase's long lost twin!! Seriously crop on the eyes nose and mouth and google Chevy for a similar facial expression.

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