Friday, 20 August 2010

Marc R. Viscogliosi, Principal, Viscogliosi Bros. LLC

There's not much more you can do with hair like that, except have it swept as far out of sight as possible. He'd look even crazier with a fringe.

Here he is with a makeshift fringe:

We started doing another version with it all shaved off, but it was too graphic. We frightened ourselves.


GigerPunk said...

Looks like he's stuck midway through transformation from goth2boss.
I used to have a tie like that.
(those two statements are not as disconnected as they may at first appear)

JohnnyTruant said...

there's something about the stuck-on-looking nature of his ears and the tapering of shoulders to neck to head that's making my internal-monologue scream, 'alien body snatching slug!' and triggering my fight or flight reflex.

Anyone else get that?

Anonymous said...

The mouth. The Joker mouth.

Trilby said...

Wasn't he a comedy henchman in the 1980s?

Anonymous said...

Tim Curry?

Anonymous said...

by god, it is tim curry

Anonymous said...

As he is an avid cigar smoker picture him now as above with a stogie. Oh God help us!

Secret Photographer said...

Has he been using spray on hair?

Anonymous said...

he is a p of s.....

Anonymous said...


L Berges said...

I wanna see the brother.
Its Viscogliosi Bros!!

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