Wednesday, 18 August 2010

John Harju, Associate Director for Research, EERC

Some rudimentary post production has been attempted here. Backgrounds that uniform simply do not exist in nature.

Unless he's in a meeting room in THE VORTEX.


JohnnyTruant said...

There's definite smudging around his shoulders too - have they shopped out his hump?

GigerPunk said...

I wondered if they'd added his hair on afterwards, looks like you could bring his forehead down a good inch or so.
And maybe the glasses. Definitely a hint of these about them.

If they'd gone to all that trouble, you'd think they could have done something about his shirt

Anonymous said...

The blurred shoulder line yet the razor sharp neckline with the weird tidal mark on the right. Amateur hour shopping.

That is one cheap jacket, look at that breast pocket.

best said...

film based on the company's hit toy, "Bakugan," set up at Universal.

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