Thursday, 10 June 2010

Matthew Sommer, Director and Senior Retirement Specialist, Janus Capital

Suit's too new. We suspect he bought it for the shoot. We can't prove that, obviously, just like we can't prove he also got his hair cut yesterday for the shoot. Or that he bought the tie and shirt as a set for the shoot.

We merely SUSPECT this isn't the Matthew Sommer you'd get to see on a daily basis, were you to bump into him on a day when he hadn't been warned to look smart.


Anonymous said...

Senior retirement specialist? Sounds like a Mafia euphemism to me.

Wise guy, huh?

Johah Blechman said...

You know that Mama has got to be proud ! :)

If those are his little brothers in the background, they seem perplexed. Maybe they don't understand exactly what Matthew really does everyday and how they can grow up and do the same so as to make Mama proud too. I don't think they teach that in school, do they?

GigerPunk said...

Didn't he used to play Jack Boswell in Bread?

FuzzyPiggy said...

He has one of those Vinny Jones, "I could have you killed!" smiles!

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