Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gabriel Lasala, M.D.. Medical Director, TCA Cellular Therapy

"Just pop your trousers down for me"

"Oh yes, you can tell an awful lot about a man's cellular make-up by simply cupping his buttocks and breathing in his scent."


Sponge Finge FInstR MSP Bart said...

Company logo, slogan, name and qualifications embroidered on workwear?

Where can I get this done on my work shirts?

GigerPunk said...

Good - Coordinating tie colour with embroidered name/company logo

Bad - Overly prominent company logo (inclued tagline)
Also Bad - Poor use of hair 'product'
Woeful - Button-down collar

Nice clean jacket though, almost as if it's brand new and this is the first time it's been worn.

The CEO said...

I only come here to scroll down to Peter Schwab.

Greezy said...

About the slicked back hair look, I wonder what kind of vegetable oil he uses?

Or maybe he still uses Greasy Kid Stuff ?

Anonymous said...

I think think this guy is a fake. He doesn't seem to have a past, just a trail of phoney addresses. So he's an wanna be ego passing himself as omeone of some importance on a scale he knows he can never reach using his own abilities.
I guess posting photos here are for the wannabe people to search for any ego strokes they can get since REAL life won't provide. To me he looks more like he should try it as a used car salesman
Does he actually think this look is sexy?? Or maybe faking sexy too?

Anonymous said...

"Stem cell therapy will always be the therapy of the future." Norman Shumway said this years ago. He was right. The architecture (i.e. framework, scaffolding) in these people's bodies is already destroyed, and we think putting in a few stem cells is going to fix this. Suspicion always arises with non-academic physicians, few publications (<10 in his case), and working for private start-up company. This company seems not very much different than Regenocyte Therapeutic out of Florida.

Anonymous said...

This guy is related to my doctor and I came across this totally by chance.

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