Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Michael Congdon, Regional Vice President, Wells Fargo

Usually it's too much grey. If we had to put money on the single most obvious element contained within a random photographic sample pulled from the executive world, it would be that it contains too much grey.

It's always too much grey. Which is why we're so excited to bring you a world first... the inaugural Too Much Brown.

Michael Congdon, who fights low-level administrative crime (stolen stationery, someone using someone else's milk) under the superhero name 'The Chameleon'.


Botogol said...

he's having trouble matching the green pot plant on his right, though.

GigerPunk said...

Definitely a hint of Clint about him.
Slightly better at smiling though.

Anonymous said...

Fortunate he left his brown shirt at home, as he had tried it on but it was not properly pressed for the photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

Before departing from the photo studio, he slipped into the men's restroom and promptly changed into his regular office attire.,-red-&-yellow-print_l.jpg

Mr Brown said...

After a long hard day sitting on his brown leather executive chair, and slaving away with his cheeky brown Apple computer and trendy poka dota mouse pad on his shiny expensive Eddie Bauer Indonesian hardwood ornate brown desk, he hops down the stairs to the basement parking lot, jogs to his reserved exec spot, and drives away in his racy brown Porsche.

Once inside his spacious brown stone abode, he dons his
favorite pair of small man's brown striped PJ nighties with brown footie bottoms.

After a dinner of roast beef drenched in hot peppered brown gravy, he eagerly awaits a genter room temperature brown bath and the warm embrace of his lovely wife.

Nighty night.

GigerPunk said...

Bloody hell, has his wife not heard of imodium?

yoyo said...

I like his tie. Looks like it's been handed down by successive generations of Granddads. When I am 75, every item of clothing that I wear and possession in my house will be decorated with that pattern as part of my "become the ultimate old person" project.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

The lady in the brown bath looks like a bathroom appliance centaur.

Anonymous said...

this exchange is so funny! I love this webite.

And yes, the lady in brown bath does indeed look like a bathroom appliance centaur.

What a photo!!!

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