Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Charles F. Bolden, NASA Administrator

Reader "Sam" alerted us to the existence of this collection of NASA photographs, which features several NASA executives evocatively photographed in front of the Stars & Stripes.

When it's to do with NASA and space we don't mind having PATRIOTISM rammed in our faces. It's a very beautiful collection. Hi-res versions of the shots are available, many taken with the Saturn V of digital cameras - the Nikon D3X.

Much, much more available at NASA HQ Photo's photostream.


phorenzik said...

Someone's photo-shopped his face and made him look silly.

GigerPunk said...

He looks like my dog when she hears a dog barking on tv and doesn't understand how it's in that picture box on the wall.
He just needs to tilt his head to one side for a few minutes before giving up and sticking his head in his own genitals and making 'snuffling' noises for the illusion to be complete

Anonymous said...

Nice flag in the background. It would be a shame if it fell on him and smothered him to death.

At times like this I wish I could use my WordPress ID. Bloody anonymitymity.

worm said...

He's got that face, the kind of face that belongs to guys in crappy direct mail catalogues, the ones wearing chino shorts, standing next to barbeques and pointing off into the distance

Anonymous said...

Don t laugh! These people go to the moon

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, though it's funny to make fun of pictures, we fail to realize that most federal official portraits are taken in front of flags - sort of makes sense if you think about it... and this man is a Vietnam veteran who flew the A-6 on his way to becoming a Major General in the Marine Corps. A true hero, and we're laughing at his picture...good work, all.

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