Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Andy Pease, President, QuickLogic Corporation

Grey hair, grey background, grey skin - at least the DARK GREY suit adds a bit of variety to the shot. But if it wasn't for the red tie, the human eye wouldn't have enough non-grey data to pull out Andy's face.

The photographer is to blame here. You don't go to photograph senior management figures with only a grey background in tow. A blue sky could've saved the day here. Or a woodland scene. Perhaps he could've even been shot reclining in one of the nice chairs from the boardroom?

Or - and we're thinking outside the box, here - how about a casual shot relaxing with a coffee in the staff canteen? Andy could take his jacket off, loosen his tie, and be pictured talking to one of the low-level employees, showing that he cares.

QuickLogic Corporation's shares were 10.2% down at time of writing, as investors struggled to digest this disappointing image.


Badben said...

How about one of him having a piss into the water cooler? Automatic entry into the universal Execs club, right there

Zidan said...

Kinda looks like Steve Martin

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